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Foundation Face to Face DSE Assessments

Foundation Face to Face DSE Assessments

Bespoke Wellbeing offers foundation DSE assessments across the United Kingdom (UK). Our workplace assessments, also known as Display Screen Equipment (DSE) assessments, can be packaged to suit all needs, budgets and workforce sizes.


Our experienced assessors are all professionally trained Physiotherapists so can quickly assess your employees in the work place and identify any employees who may need additional support from you. We utilise the Health and Safety Executive guidelines to help employers risk assess the whole workstation area which includes the equipment, furniture and working conditions of your employees.

Foundation level DSE assessment are a health and safety requirement for all employees who are classified as a DSE user, which means if they are using a computer for up to and over one hour a day (in total). Your employees require a foundation DSE assessment when:

– a new workstation is set up
– a new user starts work
– a change is made to an existing workstation or the way it’s used
– users complain of discomfort

We welcome the opportunity to come in and meet your team which enables us to also promote healthy lifestyle behaviours both in and outside of work to help support them to look after their own wellbeing.

Nb. If you have over 250 employees we would recommend you contact us for our corporate packages for a more cost-effective way to deliver your foundation DSE assessments. Please email us to find out more.


One Half Day 10x Foundation DSE Assessments £400
One Full Day 20x Foundation DSE Assessments £650
Four Full Days 80x Foundation DSE Assessments £2000
Twelve Full Days – One full day per month 240x Foundation DSE Assessments £5000

15 Minute Assessments

Compliance Based DSE Assessments

Checklist DSE Report

No Injury or Health Condition Affecting Work

Adjustments Made on the Day with Available Equipment

Recommendations Provided in the Report