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Occupational Health Assessments

Occupational Health Assessments

Occupational health physiotherapy offers both absence management assessments as well as physiotherapy rehabilitation for your employees.

Bespoke Wellbeing offers a range of services for employers (big or small) to ensure that they can support their staff to access the care they need when struggling with an injury at work.

Our services aimed to:

✓ Reduce sickness absence rates and therefore lower associated costs.
✓ Enable employees to return to work sooner.
✓ Provide guidance on return to work planning and adjustments to ensure a safe return to work.
✓ Give independent and professional diagnosis, prognosis and advice on staff unable to work due to short and long term health problems.
✓ Provide rehabilitative treatment to expedite recovery.
✓ Prevent and eliminate risks arising in the workplace.
✓ Signpost to lifestyle and wellbeing services to increase employee productivity and staff retention.
✓ Create greater engagement and motivation of employees as they feel more valued.


Telephonic assessment £160
Face to face assessment (Central London Only) £225

Telephonic Occupational Health

Telephonic Occupational Health assessments offer a cost effect and rapid access to specialist advice on how to support and manage an employee with a musculoskeletal injury.

Face to Face Occupational Health

Face to face Occupational Health assessments allow the employee to undertake a physical examination to help underpin the fitness to work recommendations.