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Occupational Health in Marble Arch & Covent Garden

Occupational Health in Marble Arch & Covent Garden

Bespoke Wellbeing offer Occupational Health in Marble Arch, Covent Garden and surrounding areas in London. Occupational Health physiotherapy has been shown to save businesses anywhere between £3-12 per £1 spent and is becoming an effective way to support your health and well being strategies as well as save your business money. Physiotherapists are expert in assessing and managing musculoskeletal injuries and can ensure that your employees return and stay at work in a safe, positive and supportive way. We work extremely closely with line managers, human resources, occupational health services and local psychological therapies to ensure a holistic approach to managing musculoskeletal sickness absence.

We provide Occupational Health services in the  Marble Arch & Covent Garden area of London. If you have any questions or wish to find out more then please get in contact.

Telephone Occupational Health Physiotherapy

Telephone assessments offer employers a cost effective way to provide their staff with rapid access to physiotherapy assessment, advice and treatment. It also allows a screening process to occur to determine who would benefit from further face to face physiotherapy treatment and those who only need tailored advice and support.

Face to Face Physiotherapy

We have built up a specialist network of Occupational Health physiotherapists nationwide, including our own London based clinics, so we can provide your business with on and off-site physiotherapy treatment options. All staff who are referred into our face to face treatment programme are closely monitored by our clinical case management team, and all workplace recommendations will be relayed immediately following assessment and at discharge from physiotherapy.

Occupational Health Physiotherapy Consultancy

Here at Bespoke Wellbeing we have master level training in Occupational Health and years of experience in setting up, developing and growing Occupational Health physiotherapy services. We offer our services in service delivery consultancy, business planning, short contracts to trial on-site physiotherapy services and SEQOHS accreditation support for Occupational Health physiotherapy services.