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Kinesiology Taping – could it work for you?

Here at Bespoke Wellbeing, London we use a variety of physiotherapy treatments, like kinesiology taping to help your recovery and enable you to reach your full potential.


Kinesiology Taping


Kinesiology taping is a fantastic way to do this to help re-educate poor posture and the problems that are associated with it. That is why we use this taping on a wide range of injuries, such as;


–          Neck pain

–          Tennis elbow

–          Ankle sprain

–          Thumb pain

–          Back pain with or without sciatica

–          Shoulder pain

–          Fractures

–          Ligament injuries

–          Muscle tears


So the tape looks colourful and fancy, but what do our patients have to say?


–          ‘The tape gave me confidence to return to running’

–          ‘The tape tightened when I started to slump at my desk which helped remind me to maintain a better posture’

–          ‘I found the tape comfortable and not too restrictive’

–          ‘The tape instantly took my shoulder pain away’

–          ‘The physiotherapist taught me to self-tape my knee so I now do this with my long runs’


Taping in Sport

Why do physiotherapists also love taping?

The taping helps the physiotherapist to:


–          Protect the joint during the acute phase of injury

–          Reduce swelling and inflammation

–          Pain relief

–          Educate posture

–          Facilitate muscle firing


If you would like to find out more if taping would benefit you, contact us today 020 8901 6545 / [email protected] or book using our easy to use online booking system here.


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