Vehicle Assessments

National provider of ergonomic vehicle assessments to ensure your employees are set up correctly and comfortable whilst driving.

What is a vehicle assessment?

A vehicle assessment is a type of ergonomic assessment which assesses an employee and their vehicle to ensure they are set up correctly and do not require any additional equipment or recommendations.

These types of assessments are suitable for employees who drive cars, vans, lorries and other operated machines where they sit in or on to move.

Vehicle assessments are helpful if an employee is struggling to return to work, or feels that driving their vehicle makes their symptoms feel worse.

What does a vehicle assessment look at?

    • Getting in/out of the vehicle
    • Moving equipment in/out of the vehicle
    • Seated position and set up
    • Steering wheel position, set up, and visability
    • Use of the pedals
    • Space and comfort
    • Taking breaks and top tips
    • Additional recommendations

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