Case managers

Our Designed2Move programme is here as a specialist provider of functional rehabilitation that you can trust to look after your client and help them
rediscover their fullest potential.
We understand that programmes need to be individualised to the client’s injuries and abilities so we carefully match them to a clinician who is going to best
support them to reach their functional goals.

How We Work
The Designed2Move programme works with case managers and solicitors
for personal injury and employer liability claims in medium to high-value
Cases are often referred to us when the long-term impact of the client not
being able to return to their previous levels of employment and leisure
activities will considerably impact their claim.
We work collaboratively with you, and any team you have assembled, to
streamline the timing of care and achieve the best functional outcomes for
the client.
● All programmes start with an assessment to help you meet the
needs of the 2015 Rehabilitation Code, by acting as an assessor of
functional rehabilitation needs, as well as reviewing suitability for
our programme.
● If suitable for the Designed2Move programme, we will offer 6, 9, or
12-session programmes (depending on recommendations from the
assessment and funding).
● After each session, a case summary is provided to keep you
up-to-date with progress and avoid ‘treatment drift’ occurring
along the rehabilitation programme.
● At the end of authorised sessions, you will be given the opportunity
to add additional rehabilitation sessions prior to the re-assessment
appointment (optional).
● Once rehabilitation sessions have been completed, a re-assessment
appointment will review outcome measures, objective functional
test results, and goal status.
Clients we see
Our team is experienced in working with a wide range of clients and
injuries across the UK, here are some examples:
● Polytrauma
● Orthopaedics
● Musculoskeletal
● Neuro/head injury
● Amputees
● Burns/Skin
● Chronic fatigue
● Persistent pain