Fatigue Management

Helping people with low energy, burnout, or fatigue get back to their normal work activities and improve their health and wellbeing.

What is fatigue?

Tiredness and fatigue are often associated with a lack of energy and motivation. There are many factors that can contribute to or cause fatigue such as health conditions, medical treatments, hormonal changes, insomnia, anxiety and depression, as well as lifestyle choices.

Fatigue can make staying or returning to work more difficult. This is especially the case if symptoms are not well controlled or if their work role involves long hours and heavy workloads.

Our fatigue management programmes are delivered by Occupational Therapists with experience in vocational rehabilitation and return to work strategies.

WHAT DOES A fatigue management programme offer?

    • Cognitive ergonomics
    • Recognising Burnout
    • Resting programme
    • Tailored sleep advice
    • Lifestyle management
    • Goal setting
    • Barriers to change
    • Thoughts, feelings, & behaviours
    • Building tolerance to activities
    • Work recommendations

Making a referral

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